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Phil Essay, MD, serves as a trusted medical resource for the legal community. His tenure as a medical professional and continued dedication to develop innovative methods to treat pain provide opportunities to educate patients, attorneys, juries, and judges on a case’s medical aspects. Understanding where and why chronic pain originates allows for the development of effective treatment plans and ultimately the ability to project and communicate long-term prognosis or injury repercussions.

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Integrity Driven

Trusted Assessments

Accurate and credible medical reviews and summaries can assist legal counsel to determine the merit of a case and validate the extent of continuing legal proceedings. Dr. Essay testifies with integrity regarding possible damages or earning estimates and provides reliable, impartial statements to add credibility as a medical expert witness and to provide well-reasoned, researched medical opinions.

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Partner Focused

Collaborative Services

Dr. Essay’s experience leading professional medical teams, affiliation with Innovative Pain & Spine Specialists, and relationships in the industry uniquely position him as a valuable partner in the legal process. He is a collaborative partner in the medical industry and the legal community, saving legal teams valuable time by analyzing and summarizing medical reports. His work enables his clients to extrapolate valuable facts to present a case effectively.

  • Medical record review for case strengths/weaknesses
  • Written medical summary
  • Screen cases for merit
  • IME / IME rebuttal
  • Strategic planning
  • Create comprehensive medical chronologies
  • Medical literature review
  • Deposition/trial preparation and support
  • Neutral medical expert for mediation or arbitration
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Solutions Directed

Resourceful & Specialized

Dr. Essay’s dedicated, attentive consultation is foundational to the mutually beneficial relationships established with attorneys and clients and capitalizes on valuable industry resources. He provides accurate assessments and truthful, detailed documentation needed for those seeking medical expertise for possible litigation and strategic pre-trial planning. His resources allow him to be patient-focused and solution-driven.

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Boundaries Extended

Geographic Reach

Providing medical legal consultation has few geographical limitations. Dr. Essay broadens the reach of the medical community to provide expertise, documentation, and testimony for legal proceedings throughout the region. His transparent and honest approach enables efficient use of time and resources to substantiate evidence and professionally forecast recovery outcomes.

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I have worked with medical experts for fifty years. Dr. Essay is one of the best. He is approachable, knowledgeable, cooperative, ethical, diligent and persuasive. I highly recommend him.

James A. Snowden - Of Counsel, Wolfe Snowden Hurd Ahl Sitzmann Tannehill & Hahn

Having focused my law practice on personal injury and workers’ compensation cases for many years, I have encountered hundreds of physicians who are asked to render opinions in cases. I represent both plaintiff and defendants, and my frequent choice as either a consulting or testifying expert while on either side of the courtroom is Dr. Essay. His opinions are not only thorough and supported by the evidence, they are straightforward and fair. Dr. Essay focuses on the true medical and legal causation issues presented and he has an acute understanding of and appreciation for what is required of a medical expert. In addition to his sound medical opinions, he is accessible for meetings and calls, despite his full-time commitment to treating his patients. My impression is that Dr. Essay’s reputation is an expert is extremely credible, not only due to his well-informed opinions, but also his significant time spent actually treating patients with chronic pain.

AV Rated Attorney with 20 years of experience litigating injury claims -

In workers’ compensation cases, judges want to know why an expert holds the opinion he or she expresses. They want the expert to discuss not just the facts which support the expert’s opinions, but those facts which seem not to. Dr. Essay masterfully accomplishes that, with his uniquely thorough, thoughtful, articulate, logical and fair-minded approach.  And not only is his work product excellent, Dr. Essay is just really good to work with.

Dallas D. Jones-Partner-Baylor Evnen, LLP - Lincoln, Nebraska
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